How did you come to choose Sassy 'N Sweet Cupcakes for your business name?


Nanette stated, "I’m what, some consider to be, “old school” when it came to choosing a name for my shop. It had to reflect some of my personality and who I am. After all I’m the “face” behind the cupcakes. It also had to be a name that would appeal to people, something that would “stand out” and not be lost among the 1000’s of other cupcake or sweet treat businesses. And lastly, it had to reflect, what type of shop this is, and give the public a small hint that this little cupcake shop wasn’t ordinary." As far as reflecting personality, as the saying goes ”Little Girls are Sugar and Spice and everything nice”? In Nanette's case as a child, she was full of spice, or as her Gramma used to say, “full of Sass” and never everything nice. She was Sassy and she knew it, and her friends can vouch for it, saying that she is sweet - at times - to which Nanette replied, "I think they have lost thier minds!"

Why did you choose a “moose and a squirrel” for your logo?


Choosing a “moose and squirrel” for my logo and my “mascots” wasn’t hard. As a child I loved the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon, and I could have easily chosen a Coyote and Roadrunner or Bugs and Daffy, since they were also favorite Saturday morning cartoons of mine, but they just didn’t seem to fit. If you look closely at Moose and Squirrel you’ll notice that the Moose has blue eyes and the squirrel has green eyes. My dad and brother both had blue eyes and were tall and, yes, they were full of “The Sass”. Some would say that a Moose (Bullwinkle) isn’t “sassy” but I beg to differ. In my opinion he was.  My Mother had green eyes and was just a wee bit “squirrely” in the regard she was somewhat excitable, but she was also level headed like “Rocky the Squirrel”. “Moose & Squirrel is my way of paying tribute and homage to my family. Each time I look at my logo I’m reminded of much loved and cherished memories, the morals and values that I was taught, the hours of jokes, laughter, giggles and traditions, and the lessons I learned from my family. Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, sometimes you need to balance it out with a little bit of whimsy and laughter.